About Rachel Walsh

What sets us apart

Rachel Walsh started as an event management service in 2016, our focus being destination weddings. We are now shifting towards including corporate events and we tailor every event to suit you.

We have based our services on social corporate events, so they may not be your traditional corporate conference. We offer anything from team building excursions to incentive packages for your employees.

Our events are tailored to suit your needs, with various personalization options; including time period, event type, and the nature of the event. These events are so well-organized and unique, that they will hopefully create a healthy competition amongst employees to encourage good performance in the work place. Rewards will include exciting and unforgettable experiences in Ireland, enriched with experiences of the cultural history of the country.

We take your business very seriously, and whilst ensuring that each event is unforgettable, we are also meticulous with every detail so that your needs are met to your satisfaction.
Let us help create an unforgettable Irish experience for you, your clients, and your employees.

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