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In the age of online gatherings, a physical gift or box of swag can help your association’s virtual event stand out above the rest. While virtual events might not be able to dazzle attendees in quite the same way as in-person meetings, there is a tried-and-true tradition that can live on in the era of virtual conferences: conference swag.

A tangible gift or box of swag can help create connection and engagement to the virtual event. Plus, your company can also benefit from the association by boosting your presence if attendees show off their new swag on social media.

We mail your attendees a welcome box a few days before the event and as an extra touch, we also send daily gifts if your event is spread out over several days, this keeps attendants’ excitement high and looking forward to the next part of your event.

Go With Luxury

When it comes to using merchandise in gifting, always choose quality over quantity.

Go Bespoke

For a truly unique, one-of-a-kind luxury gifting experience, we suggest incorporating custom merchandise, something they will actually use as opposed to something left in a drawer, something Irish-made, and if you want, we can always get your logo on it so every time they use it they will remember the experience they had with your company, and smile.

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